Universal JAMMA Adapter Additional Information

Adapter Configuration:
In order to route a pin from the game edge connector to the JAMMA side, you simply bridge one solder pad that lines up with the corresponding JAMMA function.
To do this, physically locate the pin in question on the game end, then solder the pad that lines up with the column of that pin and the row that corresponds to the required JAMMA function (see pic). You repeat that process for all the pins that you want to map, and you’re done.

The second image in the listing illustrates how the 6th pin from the left can be wired to COIN1 on the JAMMA harness if the pad circled in red is bridged.

Pads can be re-opened by gently running the soldering iron across the pad. This allows quick corrections or complete reusability of the adapter for converting other games.

When the soldering is done, a permanent marker can be used to label the adapter in the white rectangle provided specifically for that purpose.

A link to the in depth tutorial is available here: