DIY JAMMA Adapter Additional Information

This adapter kit that consists of a female edge connector with the appropriate number of pins, and a JAMMA Adapter board. You supply your own wire and do your own wire cutting and soldering to create your own custom JAMMA game adapter.

Unlike the matrix style Universal JAMMA adapters, which take only a fraction of time to assemble, the benefit of using this one is the smaller footprint and much lower cost. This is more geared towards experimentation and prototyping, where creating a permanent and clean adapter isn’t the end goal.

The adapter board has a set of clearly labelled, large soldering pads and holes for routing wires from solder/parts side for a design that minimizes wire clutter. This ensured that the wires stay put.

The white rectangle can be used as a label area. Use a thin permanent marker, and once dry cover the rectangle with some clear scotch tape for a permanent label.

The kit is available in the 36 pin, 44 pin and 56 pin versions. The 36 pin kit will include the 36 pin female game end connector, and the 44 and 56 pin kits will include the 44 and the 56 pin connector respectively. The included JAMMA side conversion board is the same in each kit.

Adapter Configuration:

A link to the assembly tutorial can be found here: